We have been in this field since 2010 to get our customers satisfied by pursuing all what new issues in the world of medical advertising, and through strengthening our staff, starting with the customer services staff , representatives and scientific experts in this field, let them be acquainted to everything new, supporting them with courses and seminars to enhance their experience and to advance publicity in the market of scientific matters, as we are ultimately aspire for the convenience of our customers and to overcome any. Our Office has taken in consideration the subject of publications and scientific advertisements, since this matter is one of the most concerns of the company, that to enrich the knowledge in this field as well as to serve the needs of the experts who are interested; individuals and / or entities.

Our Vision

Al-Ghasaq vision is to be the first distributor in Iraq for the most important and most powerful global pharmaceutical brands through the partnerships and agreements that have been held with a group of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers. Also Al-Ghasaq vision lies in the partnership and hard work side by side with all Iraqi drugstores, pharmacies, hospitals, medical equipment and markets so that our objectives are achieved in the spreading and access to all segments of Iraqi society, including distribute it one of the best types of medical drugs.

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